Notes: This is a short little comic extra included with the recently released issue of Emerald. There was also a short story included as well (along with another short story in the Trifecta Movie case), and we’ll be getting to those ASAP! Busy busy bees here~


His eyes bugged out in shock, and a tongue thrust its way between his lips


tracing along his teeth. 


Feeling the inside of his mouth thoroughly explored as he trembled beneath it,


he sharply stilled his own tongue. 


His mouth was ravaged, leaving him unable to even breathe properly,


and there seemed to be no end to this passionate kiss that felt as if it were driving him insane. (x)

jinssong SAID:
Hi there! Where can i find Yokozawa takafumi no baai the movie? 8(((??

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi -  Yokozawa Takafumi no baai Movie - Fansub release here

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